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How can companies collaborate with charities for fundraising auctions?

Are you a brand wishing to associate yourselves with a charity or fulfill your social and corporate responsibilities? Do you have products or services you wish to donate to charity, rather than consigning to the ‘special offers’ bucket?

By donating products and services to charities, you provide an alternative means of fundraising. The combined popularity of your brands and awareness can be used to sell these items via online auction on both the brand’s and the charity’s website. Rather than charities asking the corporate sector to make straight forward cash donations online charity auctions provide a means for charities to raise funds in a different way.

How does it work?

  • Brands donate items for sale by adding them to the charity’s online auction market place
  • Users find the items for sale at the brands website when they are shopping online. This page can be co-branded.
  • These items also appear for sale on the charity’s website as items for sale by auction
  • Users can either ‘purchase now’ or bid for the item in an auction

The benefits:

  • The charity gains a cash donation.
  • The shopper gets something they want.
  • Buyers get the chance to pick up a bargain whilst also donating to the charity.
  • The brand feels good about themselves for donating to charity and of course gains bonus points in the eyes of the shopper for excercising their corporate and social responsibilities.

What could be donated to the charities?

  • Corporate tickets to sporting events
  • End of line stock items & products that may usually be consigned to the bargain bucket
  • Memberships to gyms or clubs
  • Holidays
  • Tickets for concerts
  • High value fashion items and jewelry
  • Cars

What are we offering?

We have a range of online auction system packages that can be tailored to match your requirements. We can create an auction site that fully integrates with the charity’s brand as well as the providing a branded page for those companies donating items for sale.


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