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Take control of your auctions with your own branded auction website with our online auction software:

  • Pricing starts from £200/month (+ VAT) for 150 active lots on site, no commission. More on our pricing here.
  • Your own branded website, under your full control, that conveys your values to you customers
  • You own all the data in your auction website, including all bidders, under bidders and bid data.
    • Download all user, lot, bids and bidder data to Excel
    • Access to your data at all times using your own ‘Admin’ login
  • Bulk lot and lot image upload
  • Auction and post-auction reporting
    • Auction sales (during and post-auction)
    • Vendor Sales report
    • Bidder purchasing report
    • Unsold Lots report
    • Understand current bidding patterns
    • Understand bidder registration patterns
    • Understand who is watching each lot and see most popular lots for each auction
  • Invoice your winners straight after each auction
  • Work globally with your site running in multiple languages
  • Take payments for lots or deposits for larger items
    • Payments go straight to your current account, no merchant account, low fees
    • Store debit/credit cards for later usage
    • Use debit/credit cards details to validate untrusted users
    • Take payments for items post auction

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Auction Demo Request access to our auction demo & our free online auction guide.

Pricing Plans

Active Lots
(At any one time)
(Fixed Monthly Cost)
Set Up Fee (One Time) £750*
0-150 £200
151-250 £300
251-350 £400
351-450 £500
450+ Call Us
  (+ VAT)
No long term commitment required. Cancel at any time and we will close your site at the end of your current billing period.
*The set up fee will be waived if you decide to go ahead after our free 7-Day Trial.


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