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Current Auctions

If you are interested in what we can do, why not check out some of the many live and timed online auctions currently running worldwide using Sensible Development software:

Current & Forthcoming

Date Type Auction Company
24th May 2018 Machinery 2 x SPIRO Spiral Tube Ductforming Machines machinebidder
29th May 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence El Salvador ACE (USA)
30th May 2018 Machinery Construction Plant & Machinery Marriott & Co
30th May 2018 Machinery Sale of Office Furniture, Call Centre Equipment and Others George Hazell & Co
31st May 2018 Coffee Operation Cherry Red Auction Trabocca (NL)
5th June 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Nicaragua ACE (USA)
12th June 2018 Coffee Esmerelda Special Auction 2018 Hacienda La Esmerelda (Panama)
14th June 2018 Coffee Santa Felisa Coffee Auction 2018 Santa Felisa Coffee (Guatemala)
19th June 2018 to 21st June Fundraiser The Home Depot Canada Charity Classic Home Depot Canada
19th June 2018 Machinery Selection of vehicles out of service from major companies Truck and Plant Assets
19th June 2018 Fundraising El Injerto Auction 2018 Finca El Injerto(Guatemala)
20th June 2018 Machinery Machinery and Equipment – June 2018 New England
21st June 2018 Machinery Shield Engineering 1st Machinery Auctions Ltd.
25th June 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Mexico ACE (USA)
1st July 2018 Luxury goods Memorabilia, cars, electronics, wine and champagne WLC Auctions
3rd July 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Honduras ACE (USA)
10th July 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Costa Rica ACE (USA)
17th July 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Guatemala ACE (USA)
11th September 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Rwanda ACE (USA)
25th September 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Burundi ACE (USA)
November 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Colombia ACE (USA)
15th November 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Peru ACE (USA)
December 2018 Coffee Cup of Excellence Brazil Pulped Naturals ACE (USA)

Ongoing Marketplaces

The following sites are ongoing trading platforms that are currently active. The online marketplaces are variations on the traditional auction model and usually trade multiple items on an ongoing basis rather than via specific sale events. Some have been significantly customised to suit the needs of particular sectors, such as real estate or data sourcing.

Date Type Company
Ongoing Real Estate (Greece) Properties 4 Sale  
Ongoing Financial Research Marketplace (UK) ERIC – Electronic Research Interchange
Ongoing Crowd Source Marketplace (Canada) ScotiaMcleod, Canada  

Past Projects

Below are a few notable previous projects from the SD portfolio, which showcase the breadth of functionality and design across our core industries, new sectors and start-ups.

Date Type Company
2014/16 Real Estate (UK) We Love Sold
2013/17 Waste Trading Marketplace (UK) Waste Web
2014 Fundraising (UK) Play For Change
2016 Real Estate (UK) Open Door
2014/15 Furniture & Household (UK) Interiors for Sale

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