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Sensible Development provide timed and live online auction systems for clients across 5 continents. We work predominantly in key sectors:

We also run ongoing trading platforms for sectors requiring a marketplace interface such as:

  • Commercial & Residential Property
  • Holiday Homes & Accommodation
  • Data Trading & Sourcing
  • Crowd Funding and
  • Fundraising

Find out more about our clients below, including current projects, ad hoc work and previous clients. Please note that we have only featured those we are permitted to publicise; some we agree not to.

New England Machinery Auctions (UK)

Established in 1970, New England is a UK asset disposal specialist for industrial and commercial equipment from a range of sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Construction, Food & Beverage, Industrial Engineering, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceuticals.

We provide them with a full online auction site; incorporating their back-office systems, fulfilment and processing.


                                 1st Machinery Auctions (UK)

Formed by two major players in the UK used-machinery sector, combining over a century of experience in machine tools, 1st Machinery now boast annual sales of £10 Million. We have created their online auction platform, integrating our core advanced features including invoicing, bulk uploading and reporting.



Hymans (Australia)

Hymans Machinery Auctions (Australia)

With one of the largest teams of full-time and contracted asset managers, auctioneers and specialist valuation consultants in Australia, Hymans have a long established reputation in the industry nationwide. Working in partnership with Sydney agency Pitsch Media, we have designed an auction system with an exciting live simulcast feature, enabling real-time participation in onsite auctions from anywhere in Australia or the world.


Truck & Plant Commercial Vehicle Auctions (UK)

Truck & Plant Asset Management is a family firm running weekly online auctions plus on-site fleet auctions for a range of clients including major PLCs and councils. We have managed their auction platform since 2015, saving them the commission of their previous supplier and providing dedicated support to their busy admin team.



Scotiabank Corporate Event & Experience Site (Canada)

Scotia McLeod offer a fantastic range of fully-organised VIP event packages, which provide their clients with invaluable opportunities for networking, pipeline generation, and nurturing partnerships and client/ prospect relationships. We have created the Express Interest marketing process and website as a ‘one-stop shop’ of these client experiences, right down to invitation management, at the click of a button.





ERIC Financial Research Trading Platform (UK)

ERIC is the UK’s first free to use independent platform meeting the challenges in procuring investment research. The site offers access to a wide range of specialist reports and expertise, allowing research providers to tailor their services and empowering asset managers with accurate research budget setting for their research needs. We have extensively customised their version of our system to meet the specific needs of this innovative service.



BA Highlife Fundraising Auction

For the past 5 years, we have worked on behalf of British Airways to run their annual High Life charity auction - part of the global ‘Flying Start’ partnership between BA and Comic Relief, which works with disadvantaged children in the cities to which the airline flies. High Life magazine, produced by Cedar Communications, is read by over 3 million people a month and is a full cross-content solution. We provide the online platform and back-end functionality, plus the processing, reporting and management for the entire auction, which runs annually for around a month. Campaigns have previously been integrated with PayPal and moved to Stripe payment processing in 2015.


Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust (UK) provides a range of health and social care services across South East London & Kent. We built this highly customised site (in conjunction with local agency Neo) which includes on-page editing at the click of a button.



Home Depot Foundation Fundraising Site (USA)

US-based Home Depot Foundation utilise their home construction and DIY resources, expertise and a 385,000 strong team of volunteers to support US military veterans and their families, and to aid

communities affected by natural disasters.

We have created an online fundraising marketplace through which they run ongoing charity events for these causes across the US.



ACE Wholesale Coffee Auctions (USA)

Based in Portland Oregon, Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) is a nonprofit, global organisation, with members spanning over 50 countries, that unites coffee professionals, empowers farmers and upholds the highest standards in specialty coffee through the renowned Cup of Excellence program.

Committed to integrity and sustainability, the COE are rigorously judged coffee competitions in origin countries plus online auctions of the winning coffees, with the vast majority of proceeds going back to the farmers. ACE and COE are governed by a board of passionate specialty coffee leaders and innovators from around the world.

It is a privilege to provide the technology for the world’s premier coffee competition and auctions. In 2017, we will be running 9 national COE auctions for ACE.


Daterra Wholesale Coffee Auctions (Brazil)

Meaning ‘from the land’, Daterra farm the oldest coffee plantations in the Brazilian Cerrado region, one of the best coffee producing areas in the country. With a core principle of award-winning environmental sustainability, Daterra are responsible for the first Rainforest Alliance farm in Brazil and have been nationally recognised for the most ‘green’ coffee growing. In recent years we have run their eagerly anticipated Masterpieces auctions on a specialist platform, with the next one due in late 2017.


Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee Auctions (Panama)

Hacienda La Esmerelda are renowned as the number 1 producer of Geisha variety coffee, have won multiple coffee industry awards and set several worldwide records for online coffee auction prices. They use our specialist coffee platform to run and manage their auction with the next one forthcoming in June 2017.


Fincas Mierisch Coffee Auctions (Honduras & Nicaragua)

Fincas Mierisch have quickly established a reputation as leaders in the industry, producing premier quality specialty coffee from their family farms in Nicaragua and Honduras. They run estate auctions both independently and in partnership with ACE Cup of Excellence, and we have worked with them to create the online platform to run and manage their famous Los Favoritos auction.



El Injerto Coffee Auctions (Guatemala)

Finca El Injerto are third generation coffee growers who have been gently  and sustainably producing excellent coffee for over six decades. Their name has become synonymous with Guatemalan Coffee excellence their product has been recognised in the world’s top 5 and awarded seven times with Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence. We are pleased to cooperate with them in 2017 to run the El Inject Reserva del Comendador auction on 13th June via our specialist platform.


Santa Felisa Reserva Especial Coffee Auctions (Guatemala)

Established in 1904 and now 4th generation grower, Santa Felisa are another world-renowned coffee producer, with a passion for their people, and a heritage of eco-friendly practice and social justice.

We are looking forward to running their 2017 Reserva Especial auction on 20th June 2017.



Sustainably growing heirloom Gesha coffee in the exotic heartland of it’s origin country of Ethiopia, the Gesha Village Estate is the realised dream of Adam Overton, who came to coffee through Boot Coffee and has devoted the past 10 years to his farm there. His first crop won extensive cupping acclaim and we are delighted to be running their estate auction debut in May 2017.



A grower and producer of single-origin, single-variety coffee in Panama and Ethiopia, with a reputation for process innovation, social responsibility and restoration ecology. Another first for us, as we move into running auctions across 5 continents, the premier Ninety Plus estate auctions are coming soon (summer 2017).


The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) in a non-profit organization created to promote Panama’s specialty coffee production. With coffees ranked amongst the best in the world by international competitions, the SCAP Best of Panama E-Auction brings the country’s absolute finest to the most discerning buyers. We are proud to run the 2017 auction for which registration is now open.


     The Heather Trust Charity Auction (UK)

An independent charity dedicated to promoting the interests of UK upland and moorland areas, The Heather Trust first used our charity rental product in 2012 to host their Country Marketing & Sporting Sale. It was the first time the fundraising event had been run online and with great success - bids increased by a huge 473% from the previous year and the auction raised almost £35,000!

The website we have created for them has been used to host their annual fundraiser every year since.


Austin Reed & Mind Charity Auction (UK)

Luxury fashion retailer Austin Reed teamed with charity Mind for the highly-publicised Suit Swap fundraising auction for mental health support, awareness and research. In keeping with the profile of the brands and celebrities involved, the site was designed with a slick, striking design and layout and an eye-catching home page.


The English National Opera Charity Auction (UK)

A silent online auction in conjunction with a live auction held at a  special event to celebrate the talent of ENO’s Harewood Artists. The auction gave donors the anonymous opportunity to support the work of ENO.  The site used our charity edition product, with visual customisation to match their brand and visual identity.


Jamie Oliver Big Chair Project Charity Auction

A high-profile site created for the much-anticipated Jamie Oliver Big Chair Project to mark the 10th anniversary of Oliver’s 15 restaurant enterprise. The goal of the auction was to raise funds for Jamie Oliver’s Better Food Foundation - set up to raise awareness about food, and encourage the public to cook and eat healthily. It offered the unique opportunity to bid on a number of one-off chairs, each piece created a celebrated artist, engineer or designer. The preview culminated with a live auction event at Fritz Hansen in London with the highest online bidders invited to bid in person.

We customised the site to link seamlessly with the appearance and layout of the main Jamie Oliver Big Chair Project website with lots displayed in a highly visual manner, allowing users to browse through images before clicking through to the bidding page. Heavy publicity generated a high volume of traffic through the site, with fail-safe reliability supported by our powerful six cluster server.


JDRF Charity Auction (UK)

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) raise funds for research into a cure for Type 1 diabetes in children and young people, and support those living with the disease. This site featured previews of the lots up for auction at the Art Antiques London Party in the Park fundraising event. The online preview cut costs and raised over £30, 000 in bids.


MotorSport Magazine Hall of Fame Charity Auction (UK)

Motor Sport Magazine’s fourth annual Hall of Fame awards raised over £100,000 in 2013 for the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust. For the first time ever readers of the magazine were will be able take in part in the glittering, invitation-only Hall of Fame event and bid online for a variety of once-in-a-lifetime lots donated by Formula 1 teams. Lots included Sebastian Vettel’s steering wheel, Jenson Button’s McLaren race seat and two British Grand Prix VIP “Paddock Club passes.



Play For Change Charity Auction (UK)

We created a strikingly branded concept site for this fundraising venture of sports   tickets, memorabilia and experiences, which demonstrates the scope and standard of our design expertise with a crisp, colourful interface and easy to use functionality.



The Prince’s Trust Fundraising Site (UK)

For over 40 years, the Prince’s Trust charity has been helping young people from all backgrounds into work, business, training and education. We have worked with them to create a bespoke online and live auction Invest in Futures enabling supporters to participate both in the lead up to and during their Gala event.



Open Door Property Auctions (UK)


We worked with Open Door to provide a consumer-facing auction marketplace for residential property in the UK using a customised version of our Enterprise package.


Properties 4 Sale (Greece)

Properties 4 Sale auction a broad range of Greek property, including residential, commercial, industrial buildings and land. A dedicated local team at Pireaus Bank vets each property; checking titles, appointing engineers to check the legality and generally ensuring a smooth and safe sale process and meaning a significant saving for the buyer.

This client use a version of our standard rental product operating on a multi-language basis – the site is fully operational in both Greek & English.


              Clarke Fussells Machinery Auctions (UK)

UK-based Clarke Fussells are specialist machinery and processing equipment auctioneers in the food sector,  matching vendors with purchasers worldwide.

One of our early established machinery clients for many years, we created systems for both their onsite live auctions and online auction services which operated from their own website.


Tru-Markets Salvage & Machinery Auctions (US)

Tru-Markets (no longer trading) was an online    marketplace for buyers and sellers of commercial salvage and energy equipment, based in Texas USA that utilised our core enterprise online auction platform. We integrated a special variation on the sealed-bidding process which is prevalent in this sector, and they also took advantage of our advanced content management system allowing them to customise their home page and general content to promote their services.


welovesold-logo-only We Love Sold Residential Property Marketplace (UK)

A new online real estate agency service aiming to ‘cut out the middle man’ by connecting home buyers and vendors online for a fixed-fee, zero commission service. Seeking to capitalise on the burgeoning growth of this new sub-sector of companies such as Tepilo and Purple Bricks, this entrepreneurial business took a version of our traditional auction interface and specified extensive customisation of both functionality, design and back-office processing with real-time tracking of customer interaction.
Most exciting was the utilisation of our API feature to integrate direct external partner feeds to and from Rightmove and Zoopla. One of our first major property sector projects, the venture demonstrated the agility and flexibility of our core platform to adapt to an fast developing industry, with slick UX and a beautiful consumer-facing front-end.
Another innovative start-up venture, Waste Web was an online waste trading website offering an open and ethical platform to the waste management and recycling sector. We created a fully branded specialist site with a large amount of customisation work; including highly customising the bidding interface, buying/selling methods, search tools and registration fields to reflect the nature of the products and services being traded. A developing sector, this is a project we expect to see more of in the future..





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