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Alliance for Coffee Excellence’s new site is now live

Last month saw the launch of a quite large project we’ve been working on, the new website of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a non-profit organisation supporting the development and promotion of high quality gourmet coffees, whilst also being committed to helping the

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Django Sendfile – an abstraction for large file serving in Django

Part of the benefit of using the web framework Django is the plethora of apps and code available for it. The core Django framework is stable, well written and well documented, but just as importantly has an active community. We’ve been doing more Django development at Sensible

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Integrating your site with our auction platform, using our API

We have created an API, which is two-way feed between our auction platform and your website. Find out more about how the software can work with your existing website.

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We have just launched a new website for financial services company AgFe.

The really nice thing about this site is that we have had a chance to use Django for the first time as the platform for the site.

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