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We have teamed up with Cedar Communications again for the annual BA Highlife charity auction

logoBritish Airways magazine High Life has just celebrated its 500th edition and is read by over 3 million people a month. Produced by Cedar Communications, High Life is now a full cross-content solution including social media, an iPad app, travel website and the airline’s award-winning inflight entertainment package.

For the past 5 years, Sensible Development have worked with Cedar on behalf of British Airways to run their annual High Life charity auction. The online fundraiser is part of the global ‘Flying Start’ partnership between BA and Comic Relief, which works with children experiencing the toughest lives in the cities to which the airline flies.

Sensible provide the online platform, back-end functionality, processing, reporting and management for the entire auction, which generally runs for around a month. Campaigns have previously been integrated with PayPal, and in 2014/15 have used Stripe payment processing.

We have successfully worked with the Cedar development team to provide greater integration with the main BA High Life site, feeding live updates of bids via our API. The site is also an example of unified design and branding, combining the benefit of a simple user experience with an attractive visual identity. The auctions attract many hundreds of bids, raise thousands for a worthy cause and we are proud to be associated with this high profile global fundraiser.

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