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The Big Egg Hunt is back, using our platform the second year running

We’re pleased to announce that The Big Egg Hunt has returned to us a second year running for another online auction. Last year, the Big Egg Hunt used our platform to great success, with the Hunt raising over £1 million altogether.

This year’s Hunt is sponsored by Lindt and will be raising funds for Action For Children. People yet again have the opportunity to bid on the beautifully-painted eggs featured in the Hunt, which will be “on tour” around the country this year.  The auction (which includes 101 eggs in total) went live last week and will be continuing up until Easter weekend.

The auction site was created using our “rental” product. The Big Egg Hunt customised the appearance and branding of the site themselves by adding Javascript and editing the CSS via the admin system.

Our main priority is ensuring the platform is reliable and efficient for the length of the auction. With all the publicity surrounding the auction we expect to see high levels of site traffic and bidding; we need to be able to comfortably deal with all this interest.

  • We will use caching towards the end the of the auction, when bidding is at its most frantic and fast-paced
  • We have database replication to ensure the auction data is safe in the unlikely event of a server failure
  • We are providing them with a load balanced hosting solution to help the site run quickly and smoothly
  • The hosting has failover - so if one of the servers goes down then the other will continue to serve the website

All these measures combined mean the Big Egg Hunt have no need to worry about technical problems –  we can guarantee the site will not fail!

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