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Alliance for Coffee Excellence’s new site is now live

Last month saw the launch of a quite large project we’ve been working on, the new website of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a non-profit organisation supporting the development and promotion of high quality gourmet coffees, whilst also being committed to helping the farmers who produce these coffees.

The Alliance’s previous site largely focused on the Cup of Excellence competition, ACE’s central activity. Held annually in 10 different countries, the competition awards the coveted Cup of Excellence title to the very best speciality coffees in each country. These coffees are then auctioned to specialist coffee companies, with the profits returned to the farmers. Winning farms become highly-regarded in the industry and this can transform the producers’ quality of life.

However, as the organisation grows ACE felt it was time to rebrand and broaden its image beyond the Cup of Excellence. The organisation wished to present information about all of its activities in one easily-accessible place – the new website is in many ways a “brochure” promoting what the Alliance does.

The new site is written in Django, and its minimalistic and highly visual layout allows users to easily navigate through all areas of the Alliance’s work – from competitions to training. The site has a comprehensive admin system where ACE can view and manage  all data included in the website. This provides far more content control than their previous website.

  • The website also makes it quick and easy for users to sign up as members or renew their membership.  In addition, members can sign up for auctions and order samples via the website. ACE can view members and their details in the admin system.
  • The calendar featured on the site allows ACE to present the dates for all their activities and events in a clear and accessible manner. This is very important for ACE, as the numerous Cup of Excellence events throughout the year form the backbone of their operations  and it’s essential for these dates to be presented clearly and accurately.
  • We’ve made it possible for ACE to promote events and specific pages on the homepage and throughout the site
  • ACE’s work is international, with buyers and farmers in a number of different countries. Therefore we needed to build in the foundations to provide multi-language capabilities. These capabilities are not presently in use but will be in the future.

We are also working with ACE on another development; the organisation intends to begin holding online auctions on the new website (using our software), as well as selling coffee-related merchandise from an online store.

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  • You can read about the auction products we offer here.

Alliance for Coffee Excellence's new site

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