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True real time bidding with our new “push” technology

The interruption caused from continually needing to refresh a page can be a huge annoyance for online bidders – especially during the final stages of an auction, where every second is crucial. The last thing bidders need is to be distracted from an auction at a vital moment. Thankfully, our new “push” technology resolves this problem.

In the past we used a “pseudo” real time bidding system, which forces users to wait up to three seconds to see updates in bidding. Sites would go back to the server for updates every three seconds, whether any relevant changes in the auction had happened or not.

With our new system, pages are updated only when new bids have been placed (or other relevant changes have been made). This is not only much more efficient, but also means that bidders are only supplied with the updates they need and no useless extraneous information.

While a three second delay is not necessarily a great problem in online-only auctions, in live auctions this can prove problematic and frustrating – bidding in the auction room often progresses at a faster pace than the computer can display, so online bidders sometimes find themselves unable to keep up with and respond to live bidding in the auction. This can result in both lower prices and confused, disgruntled bidders.

Our new “push” technology provides true real time bidding. Online bidding can now be fully synchronised with live bidding in the auction room, meaning bidders can respond to live bids straight away. There are no delays and participants can place bids in rapid succession if necessary. Bidders can also be immediately informed of new announcements and messages. We have already begun to implement this feature to great success for certain clients, and hope to roll it out further in the future.

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