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SDL’s monthly auctions sell discount stock in an innovative way

This September saw the launch of SDL’s exciting new marketplace site. SDL is a software company specialising in providing market-leading translation tools to both corporate and individual clients. Every month, SDL holds an auction of their products, giving consumers the opportunity to win high-quality translation software at a bargain price. SDL is the first amongst our clients to pay regular monthly fees as opposed to one single fee, reflecting the periodic nature of their auction schedule.

SDL innovatively market their monthly auctions to a database of freelance translators, allowing them to pick up translation software at cut prices. In order to cater for the company’s large Hungarian market, SDL alternate monthly between English-language and Hungarian-language auctions.

These auctions are an interesting and effective method of selling discount stock. The opposite of a “bargain basement” style of sale, the auctions allow the translation tools to be sold at the highest possible price – bidders push the price higher and higher, as opposed to SDL having to steadily decrease prices. This means SDL makes the greatest profit it can, whilst also appealing to consumers by giving them the chance to get a bargain buy.

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