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Archive for July 2012

Official Olympics auction site is a success

You may remember our previous blog post about the difficulties faced by former Olympic torchbearers wishing to sell their torches on eBay. Well, in June LOCOG (the London Olympics organisation committee) set up an official auction site for the sale of over 1000 Olympic torches and other items of Olympic memorabilia. The aim

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Effects of the colour red on online bidders

Colours are everywhere and affect our behaviour in ways of which we are often not consciously aware. It is already established that the colour red signals domination and increases aggressiveness in animals, but how does it affect consumers? A recent study on the effects of colour on

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Christie’s shows how traditional businesses can adapt to online auctions

Venerable 246 year old auction house Christie’s will in three weeks time launch its first exclusively online auction. “As a way of doing business, online-only sales are a very natural progression that provides our clients with even more opportunities to build and broaden their collections,” says Vice

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11 tips to promote your fundraising auction online

The Internet, in particular social media, has come to play an increasingly important role in charity fundraising. Here are a few tips about how to promote your fundraising auction online: A blog allows for more depth and scope than other social media channels. Write regular blog posts

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The importance of scalability in online auctions

“We just had a most amazing, shocking experience occur in our great city. We are shouting, dancing, rejoicing and celebrating[…]We have made history.” These are the words of Rev. Cecil Williams, founder of San Francisco anti-poverty charity The Glide Foundation. The organisation’s annual online auction on eBay raised

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