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Using multi-unit auctions for fundraising

We’ll be doing some exciting work over the summer with The Home Depot Foundation, with the help of the leading incentive marketing company US Motivation.  The Home Depot Foundation is an organisation which raises funds to further the community building goals of Home Depot, the U.S.A.’s leading home improvement retailer. Its mission is to support nonprofit organisations that repair and maintain affordable housing for those who need and deserve it, in particular veterans.

They will be running a total of four auctions with us over the summer. The current auctions will come to a finish on the 22nd May and 31st May, and the final auction will end in September. The Foundation will be raising money by auctioning the not-to-be-missed opportunity to take part in The Home Depot Foundation Charity Golf Tournament with various members of Home Depot’s senior management in the U.S.A.

We’ve had to alter our auction system in some interesting and unprecedented ways in order to meet the specific needs of The Home Depot Foundation. Most significantly, we’ve adapted our system to a style of auctioning known as a “multiple unit” auction. In multiple unit auctions there is more than one identical item for sale per lot. This means that it’s also possible for there to be more than one winner of a lot.

We have completely tailored our bidding system to fit this style of auction. The Home Depot Foundation auction website currently offers three items per lot, and we have added to each lot page a bidding history displaying the top three winning bidders.

In addition, we’ve made it possible for Home Depot to track the overall amount of funds it has raised. The members of management at Home Depot were eager to be able to track the progress of the auction for themselves, so we have also provided them with a special “cut-down” version of our admin system that allows them limited access so they too can follow the fundraising.

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