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We have put together a demo for our new ‘Live Auction’ system

One of the things we are often asked is whether our platform can be used for broadcasting live auctions. Until very recently we have had to say no. However over the summer we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to develop feature in this direction and we have now put this all together in a live auction demonstration website.

One of the things we have found quite challenging in demonstrating this to potential customers to try and cover all bases in enough depth. So we have produced a set of slides to accompany the demo, which should very quickly show what the live auction platform can do. We have embedded the slides in this post and they are with our others slides over on Slideshare.

They key elements the slide show are as follows:

  1. The key features of the live auction module
  2. How the lots transition from queuing to be auctioned to live auction
  3. How the auction administrator enters bids from the room in to the website
  4. How the online bidders take part in the auction
  5. The auctioneer console
  6. Real time instant messaging between auctioneer and online bidders
  7. How announcements such declaring winners and scheduling breaks can be handled.

In a nutshell the live auction module provides the tools with which auctioneers can broadcast the auction one lot at a time to bidders on their website. This means the auctioneer scribe or administrator enters the bids in to the system as the auctioneer calls them. When online bidders make bids the scribe informs the auctioneer of the bid and then approves them. This keeps the website in tune with the auction in the room.

The auction adminstrator can enter bids using the keypad and we can customise this to make it capable of using short cut buttons on the console. Once the lot is complete the admin closes the lot and brings up the next one. The online bidders then see the old lot close and the next one transition from the “Upcoming Lots” to the “Current Auction Item”. This all happens in the browser without any need for any special software or plugins.

If you wish to have a play with the demo website then have a look at the live auction website and perhaps look at the slide show which provides links and logins for the different roles – both bidder and auction scribe/admin.

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