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Some useful resources for managing charity auctions previews

As we have started to roll out our auction platform for use in a range of different use we have put together some useful documents to help fundraisers run the auction previews more smoothly. We also thought it would be useful to publish them here as it should help people get a better idea of what our charity preview auctions package can offer. We are finding that quite often fundraising teams are coming to us to help them provide an auction preview prior to a fundraising event, such as  a live auction or as a part of a silent auction.

Uploading lots to the auction system

The first thing people always want to know is, “how can they add lots to the system?” This document, Uploading lots to our auction system, explains the process in detail, from logging in to the site, finding the admin system and then locating the lot management page. From there the document goes on to explain how to add pictures & descriptions for the lots, along with explaining how to deal with common auction related items such as reserves, opening bids and increments.

Managing the end of an auction preview

Once the auction or auction preview draws to a close it is important to be on top of who is winning. The Auction Preview Checklist provides a rundown on the following:

  • how to find the winning bidders and export them to the an Excel spreadsheet for later use at the event – often these are given to the event co-ordinator or the auctioneer themselves.
  • work out if there are any maximum bids that needs to be carried over to the room at the event.
  • Get hold of any pledges made to the charity during the course of the preview.
  • how to locate and download the bidders to so that you can stay in touch with these bidders after the auction has finished.
  • Tracking your website activity through Google Analytics.

Hopefully you will find these documents useful in understanding how to mange both the start and end of an fundraising preview. By providing these sites as part of an overall fundraising event it provides event organisers with a central marketing point for the lots and it gives bidders some detailed background about the items for sale on the night.

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