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Now that charity fundraising season is upon us we look at the benefits of running an auction preview solution

We thought that now we are in the run up to the Christmas fundraising season that it would be worth looking at the benefits of running an online auction solution to preview the lots you have on sale at the ball or event.

The benefits of auction previews.

It’s worth considering some of these key benefits when you are weighing up the marketing of the event to your core following:

  1. It provides a central point of marketing for the lots on sale
  2. It gives bidders time to understand what is for sale and increases their engagement with the sale items
  3. It increases competition in the items for sale as more people can make a purchasing choice earlier in the cycle rather than just on the night
  4. Auction theory suggests that the more information you provide a bidder the more likely they to want to bid on that item. A website provides you with more scope that say a printed catalogue.
  5. You are able to provide up to date detailed information about the lots which encourages stronger bidding for the items as bidders are comfortable with what is for sale. They will make an early emotional bond with the items and become more motivated to win the item
  6. Potential bidders can pass on the lot details to other people and therefore promote the event and the items to a wider field. Therefore bidders can help promote your site to others

We have run a few of these this year already and already have some lined up for auction in November and in to the New Year.

As you can see from the above there are benefits to running this kind of solution for you event and we enable you to keep your donators up to date with the items for sale on the night.

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