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Integrating your site with our auction platform, using our API

One of the things clients ask us when they are considering using our auction software, is how are they going to integrate their existing website with our auction platform. Matching the branding is something we have been able to do from the start, so we have been putting some thoughts together on how to further integrate with external sites. Typically this is done by providing something called an API – which is basically a two way feed. Most web developers know how to work with these so it means we can work with them to provide you with a fully integrated solution.

The following summarizes what our feed will give you:

  • Provide a feed (GET) of lots from our auction platform to your existing website
  • Provide a means with which your own website can send (POST) items for sale to your new auction website
  • Provide remote updates (PUT) of lots for sale from your website
  • Provide for the deletion (DELETE) of the lots from a remote website
  • Provide a single sign-on for both sites

One simple way to use this to provides a list of lots to your website giving your web developers the information they need to display your lots, on our system, on your website. This is something we have done on the British Airways Highlife magazine postcard auction website.

We have also taken this a step further a provided a way to remotely add and update lots on our auction system from a clients own website. So, say for example one of our clients has a existing database of items for sale on their website, there is no point in manually duplicating this list on our platform as well. So what happens is, the the existing site can be modified to send over sale items to our auction platform so that users can bid on them there.

If updates need to be made then they can be made as well. Often third party site have an existing product admin screen and it makes sense to provide one place for them to be managed. We can integrate with that as well.

This is great, but it gets really interesting when you start to think of other possibilities. From there it means it is easier to then integrate the auction system with desktop or mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad or Android phones. This means that potentially auction management software in an auctioneer’s office can be adapted to send and manage lots on our auction platform, thus streamlining the sales and marketing process.

By making use of these advanced features along with providing a single sign-on for users,  it means your existing website can be fully integrated with our auction platform. This provides a seamless experience for bidders and negates any worries your may have about running many different website.

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