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Sshh! Trade Secret launch furniture auction website

We have been working with furniture retailer Trade Secret putting together an online sales channel using our auction software.

In a classic use for online auction softwareTrade Secret are offering their customers the chance to purchase stock from well known furniture brands through online auction. Our software is being used to help them sell stock returned by customers from internet and mail order purchases.

The lots for sale are genuine branded goods that have been returned to the retailer for one reason or another. Whilst mail order has been around for a long time, internet sales have grown more strong in the past 5 years. With the introduction of the Distance Selling Act, consumers have more protection. They now have 21 days to return unwanted goods and this presents a problem to retailers. These items have an associated cost and need to be liquidated through alternative sales channels. Trade Secret is one such company providing a sales channel for these items.  

They have successfully tried traditional (offline) auctions and now want to extend this operation to an online format. This gives existing customers the chance to bid from the comfort of their office or home, whilst providing the auctioneer with the opportunity to reach new customers and extend the geographic reach of their sales.

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  1. though there are so many liquidation sources online, but finding a reputable source is not easy…one have to be careful that you’re not spending money on something that won’t hold up for very long.


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